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Alexander and Bonin
Andrew Edlin Gallery
Andrew Kreps Gallery
Arts Dealers Association of America (ADAA)
Arts World Financial Center
David Zwirner
Galerie Lelong
Gladstone Gallery
Light & Sie Gallery
Janis Hall Studio
Lucy Nell Stewart
Marian Goodman Gallery
Marshall Arts Gallery
Michael Werner
New York Gallery Week
Outsider Art Fair
PPOW Gallery
Ray Mortenson
The Pace Gallery
S. Peter Studio
Salon 94
UCLA Hammer Museum
Vault 49
Architecture Rensselaer
Autonomy Capital
Banyan Tree Residences
Brookfield Properties
Capella Hotels & Resorts
Chesterfield Faring LTD.
Corcoran Sunshine Group
Core Marketing Group
Jonathan Rose Companies
The Mark Company
Pacific Marketing Associates
The Pavonis Group
Polaris Pacific
Rose Associates
Stribling Marketing Associates
Tamarkin Co.
Worldwide Group
BBC America
Epoch Films
Nature Publishing Group
New York Magazine


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Mike Knowlton
Michael Knowlton
Managing Director

A digital veteran of 20 years, Mike has always pushed the boundaries of storytelling and technology. As a digital entrepreneur he founded and led a number of technology companies including user-interface design firm Nascent State, open-source Flash technology Frontal, and interactive film company Murmur. He has led large multi-disciplinary teams in developing complex software applications for major brands including Bath & Body Works, Gateway, Gucci, Netscape, MoMA, Philosophy, Theory, Tiffany & Co, and Victoria's Secret.

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He is a leader in the Transmedia community in New York City and co-founded the not-for-profit Immersive Media community StoryCode. Mike's background spans design, programming, advertising, program management, and filmmaking. He is an expert at bridging the gaps that often exist between traditional business divisions - a universal translator of sorts.

His work has received numerous awards (One Club Pencils, W3 recognitions, and Webbys) and is widely published. He speaks regularly at leading cross-media conferences including Storytelling 1.X, AD:Tech, and Storyworld. Mike is a lifelong musician and has played in a variety of indie/punk rock bands. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Miami University and is an avid fly-fisherman and doting father.

Hal Siegel
Hal Siegel
Creative Director

Hal is an accomplished Creative Director with a wide-ranging skillset, and particularly deep experience in digital media. His body of work represents a unique blend of visual design, interaction design, storytelling and usability. He began working in digital media in 1993—the same year as the release of the first web browser—and has gone on to lead the creative development of internet initiatives for many renowned arts, architectural and cultural organizations, including Sotheby's, artnet.com, David Zwirner, Wildenstein & Company, The Pace Gallery, Brookfield Properties and Tamarkin Co. among many others. In addition, Hal has extensive experience in the user-centered design of software application interfaces.

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Hal is also the co-founder of the experimental film studio Murmur, he wrote, designed and directed Him, Her and Them, the first ever social film. It was released on Facebook in 2011 and has received extensive coverage in Fast Company, Springwise, Social Times, The Creators Project and many other publications. Hal has written a number of articles on the convergence of film and software for the Hope for Film blog on Indiewire.

He has won many accolades for his work over the years, including a People's Voice Webby, and awards from Graphis, STEP, The One Club, W3C, and the New Voices, New Visions award for his experimental interactive project The Image of Information.

At the outset of his career, Hal worked for a number of prominent graphic designers, including Tibor Kalman, Mike Mills and Barbara Glauber. He graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Cooper Union.


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